Delene B. Barnes Equestrian Memorial Fund

The Delene B. Barnes Scholarship shall be awarded annually to a Lander University students who meets the following criteria: 1. Shall hold junior or senior status, with preference given to a senior with an expected graduation date the year the scholarship is awarded. 2. Shall be in at least the third year of participation in the Lander Equestrian Club, with preference given for greater length of time as a riding member of the equestrian team. 3. Shall exhibit financial need as defined by the directors or trustees of the Lander Foundation. 4. Shall exhibit a high regard for horsemanship. 5. Shall exhibit an enthusiasm for equestrian sports and for the ethics of equestrian sports. 6. Shall meet the academic criteria to participate in Intercollegiate Horse Show Association events in any semester in which the scholarship is awarded. 7. In the event that no student meets the criteria set forth in #1, #2, and #3, the scholarship may be awarded to a sophomore member of the Equestrian Team at the discretion of the faculty advisor. The scholarship recipient shall be selected by the faculty advisor to the Equestrian Club, after due consideration, advice and recommendations from one or more faculty or administrators of Lander University who personally know the student applicant.

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